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Project management for modern biotechs

Track your science and workflows across wet lab and computational teams

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Kaleidoscope is building an operating system for biotechs.

The biotech workflow today is a mess. Generic project management apps don't integrate with bio tools. Wet lab and computational teams work across ELNs, Jupyter notebooks, git and spreadsheets... but there's no one clear picture of your scientific decision making.

We're making a purpose built tool for scientific workflows.

Here's how it works
Orchestrate both manual and automatic steps in a workflow
Show your team one source of truth for a workflow that spans across roles. Capture all relevant files and metadata
Build workflows and get notifications on events from Benchling, AWS, or your data warehouse
Computational pipelines
Connect computational pipelines and see their status in the context of the larger workflow
Capture go/no-go decisions
Plan and capture decision points throughout your experiments
Experiment pages
Create experiment docs with rich embedded data
Plan and capture the full story of your experiment in our collaborative documents, with powerful integrations that let you embed Benchling objects, interactive visualizations, Jupyter notebooks, and more
Real time collaborative document with synchronous editing and commenting
Versioned and audit-ready
Edits are recorded in a timestamped, immutable record for documentation
Index with metadata
Tag and organize experiments by program, drug, cell type, and other metadata