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We give teams clarity
in navigating R&D data

Track and communicate mission-critical data
to hit your milestones

We're building the R&D project platform for scientific teams pursuing ambitious goals

Scientific R&D powers the most important strides in human and planetary health. Yet scientific teams lack purpose-built tools to manage this complex process. Instead, they're forced to painfully cobble together ill-fitting software or swim in a sea of spreadsheets and Powerpoint decks, costing them millions in lost resources and years in lost time.

We believe that world-class science deserves world-class tooling — software that provides clarity and focus, so that teams can deliver critical outcomes, faster.

So we built Kaleidoscope, to give R&D teams a platform for easily understanding their data, tracking projects and decisions, and communicating key progress. By leveraging decades of experience spanning bio, engineering, and design, we created a powerful framework that brings the best of modern product principles into the hands of the innovators who need them the most.

Leadership team
Bogdan Knezevic, PhD
CEO and Co-founder
Ahmed Elnaiem
CTO and Co-founder
David Yen
CPO and Co-founder
Built by innovators from
Supported by brilliant scientists and trailblazers
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Founder and CEO at Recursion
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Founder at Hexagon Bio, Founding Scientist at 23andMe
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Founder and CEO at Asimov
Paul Sekhri logo
CEO at vTv Therapeutics, SVP at Sanofi and Novartis, Board Director at Veeva
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Head of Product at Spring Discovery, Employee #3 at Freenome
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