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Lead Comparison
Pinpoint your best lead candidates
Share data, visualize insights, and reach consensus faster on your best assets
Head-to-Head Comparisons
Visualize side-by-side comparisons of key metrics for your lead candidates (potency, efficacy, toxicity data)
Interactive Data Explorer
Drill down into raw data and explore relationships between different properties
Collaborative Decision Making
Present data, track discussions, and make informed decisions together in a centralized platform.
Live Data Updates
See data populated into your comparison view as soon as it’s available.
Highlight Topline Data
Quickly see all the experiments that have been done for a particular entity and pin the most representative ones.
Target Product Profile Assembly
Centralize and visualize key target product profile parameters alongside preclinical data for lead candidates
The tool of choice for ambitious R&D teams
Kaleidoscope provides the ability to align our key partners, and effectively manage our growing portfolio of IP. It saves us 10 or more hours per week.
Marina Crowe
Chief of Staff
We needed a better system for tracking our R&D data and progress — Kaleidoscope enables more efficient decision making and communication to key stakeholders.
Geraldine Paulus
COO, Co-founder
Kaleidoscope expertly streamlines our data sharing with CROs, making sure Psivant remains in perfect harmony.
Shivam Patel
Head of Data Science & ML
Powerful, intuitive, well-designed ... lets biotechs spend resources on their actual IP: the assets and biology.
Brian Naughton
Co-founder and CTO
We realized that sharing our data in Kaleidoscope was really attractive to Pharma partners – it showed clarity of progress and that we have clean and organized data to work with.
SVP Business Development
Platform Tx company with multi-asset pipeline
Prior to Kaleidoscope it would take me 4-5 steps per workflow to do what I can now achieve in one step. I’m also able to spend 3x less time each week searching for, collating, and navigating data.
Director of Preclinical Operations
Early stage small molecule therapeutics company
Align your team on the big picture