Entity & process tracking
See all your entity data in one place
and plan what's next

One home for all your
small molecule data
biologic data
cell data
microbial strain data
conjugate data
plant data
small molecule data

Track any entity critical to your science and view all your accumulated data for them (properties, structures, assay data) in one place.

Create custom, live views that show the latest data for your criteria.

Combine data across multiple sources

Ingest and combine data from databases, LIMS, spreadsheets, well plates, etc. All you need is a unique ID column.

We collate all the data, version changes, and give easy tooling for mapping synonym fields.

Set up automated syncs or push data to us anytime.

Schedule and track key processes

Queue assays, screens, or process steps

Assign people or teams to specific tasks

View program progress at a glance

Get notified when new results come in

Share with CROs and other collaborators

Streamline your work with partners, CROs, and investors. Share with individuals or groups with granular control of what specific fields get shared.

  • Chemical structure only for a synthesis CRO
  • KPIs only for investors
  • All fields for a collaborator organization

Visualize progress with familiar views

Use Kanban to visualize and manage any property like status, priority, process stage, etc.

Use Gantt to schedule processes and visualize progress of a few lead entities or entire program.