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Use Cases

For Managers and Scientific Team Leads

Your work involves managing people, processes, and data. Kaleidoscope brings all this together, in one place
Poor tracking and organization of scientific development work results in missed timelines, slow progress, and painful costs. Software for tracking projects is not built with R&D in mind.
Information is quickly distilled from scientist to team lead to senior management directly from the source of truth, reducing presentation creation workload and disconnect between data and decisions.
How Kaleidoscope helps
  • Track work and data across all teams, and stay on top of timelines and milestones
  • Annotate key decisions against the data your team generates
  • Automatically log the version history for all entities of interest, assays, or projects
  • Easily manage permissions, both internally and externally, making collaboration across teams or organizations seamless
  • Automatically maintain a snapshot of the status of any project, and roll up statuses across teams or projects to any level of granularity
  • Build on powerful and familiar views: data, task, project, Gantt, or Kanban
Create and share comparison views that pull from master data
Create and share comparison views that pull from master data
Align your team on the big picture