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Use Cases

For Lab Scientists or Process/Design Engineers

Science is hard enough on its own. Your software should make work easier, not harder.
Collating data across spreadsheets, web tools, and notebooks is painful. Updating generic project tracking tools is a distraction, and losing important context or decisions is costly.
Kaleidoscope gives you a clean, simple, and intuitive home for connecting the work you’re doing to the data you’re generating to the goals you’re chasing to the progress you’re making.
How Kaleidoscope helps
  • Connect data across sources and experiments through a simple interface
  • Plan designs, assays, or screens and collaborate with others
  • Automatically maintain a version history of data across projects
  • Consolidate and track key decisions across projects or teams
  • Compare across hits or designs at a glance
  • Create shared data views for teammates or external collaborators
  • Track sample lineages
  • Integrate with tools you already use (ELNs, Slack, LIMS)
Sort, color code, and filter your core biological entities
Align your team on the big picture